Why we travel slow

I’m trying something new in my latest post. I’m calling it CanDoLatitude101, where I will take some time to go into the how’s and why’s of the way Fara and I are traveling. In earlier posts, I occasionally used the phrase “slow travel” to describe how we’ve been traveling since we left home last August. However, I’ve failed to take the time to define what I mean by it. This omission is something I will do my best to rectify, hopefully without getting too boring or preachy. Continue reading “Why we travel slow”

Bagless in Portugal

The last few years, when I fly, I get this nagging feeling while standing at the baggage carousel. I start to wonder what if this is the time one of our bags doesn’t show up. I never say it out loud. Not that I’m the superstitious type, but who wants to be accused of tempting fate. Now that we are traveling full time, statistics dictate that it is no longer a question of “if”, but “when” will something go wrong while we’re traveling. So I wasn’t shocked when I found myself standing bagless in the now empty baggage claim area of the Porto, Portugal airport. None of the three bags we checked in Copenhagen earlier that day made the transfer with us during our layover in Paris. If there is a silver lining to be had, I no longer need to wonder when will I lose my first bag. I feel I can joke about this now since the whole ordeal has come to a positive conclusion, but our first week in Portugal was a little bit frustrating. Continue reading “Bagless in Portugal”

Ready to launch

The last couple of months in Portland were a crazy, stressful time. We went through what remained of our worldly possessions, sold or gave away what we could, and put what we couldn’t (or wouldn’t) part with in storage. The house was cleaned, painted, recarpeted and repaired such that our renters will have little to worry about when it comes to maintenance. Our final act as Portlanders was to throw a going away party to say “until we meet again” to the many wonderful friends that we will miss dearly while we are away.

Continue reading “Ready to launch”